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As a part of Green and Lifestyle supporting product. We would like to introduce our products and services to you our valued customer. Woodworkers always facing the problem in selection wood material to fullfill requirement of Architects, Interior Designers, Furniture Designers , Product Designers, ‘Wood Lovers’ requirement. Due to limited choices type of wood, bad quality of wood grain and figure, consistency of the grain, grain looks engineered not natural ( especially plywood mass product ), limited length / width of the wood in the market, etc ; Veneer is the only one choice to be considered properly to fulfill anxiety and desire in wood selection . Colour, texture and beauty of the veneer are significantly increase the value of your high end product.

What is Veneer ?

Veneer is a thin sheets of real ( genuine ) wood , cut from log with slicing, peeling or sawing machine. With special technology, logs are sliced or planed elongated or shelled in a circle so it produce thin sheets of wood (0.30mm – 0.60mm).

Veneer is used to give a fine / attractive wood appearance to common or less valuable surface. By presenting a beautiful pattern of wood grain, veneer can perform more natural than other materials ; and the more interesting is veneer can be used on large surfaces, bending, twisting or difficult angles.

Veneer can be used for architectural / interior elements , fine furnitures, kitchen cabinets, spiral staircases, elevator cabinets, cabinetries, hotel / villa amenities ( serving tray, mirror frame, lamp shade, tissue box, laundry basket, waste bin etc ), luxurious car interiors/cruise ships/aircrafts interior, musical instruments ( guitar/ violin/ piano, speaker covering etc ), antique restorations, marquetries etc. It is various creative uses are limited only by the imagination.

What can Bali Veneer do ?


We have over 50 types of imported veneer ( ash white, beech, bubinga pomelle, cherry, macore, maple, oak white, pine carolina, santos polisander, sapelle quarter, sycamore, walnut , wenge, zebrawood etc ) ; local veneer ( jati, mahoni, sonokeling, mindi, ebony etc ) and also recon veneer ( reconstituted veneer ) ie : ebony recon, wenge recon, oak white recon, bamboo recon etc). Select the type of veneer to fit your design style ( modern, minimalist, ethnic, classic etc ) . To achieve best performance ( natural grain and figure, clear and bright grain, elegant-perfect edge/corner, exclusive, long life appearance ) ; 0.60 mm thickness of wood veneer is absolutely recommended


The selected veneers have to be set first before gluing and pressing. There are a number of basic ‘ patterns’ common to veneering work : bookmatched, slipmatched, pleasing matched, random matched . It can be set / develop depend on your design creativity. Vacupress machine and Special pvac glue are used for the veneering work to avoid air molecules in between veneer and plywood is not removing well, veneer detach from plywood when solvent base finishing is applied. It means perfect uniformity, dependable and consistent results are very important before finishing process.

The principleof Vacuupress machine is simple. When the air molecules are removed from a closed vacuum bag, atmospheric pressure bears down on the work inside the bag with perfect uniformity and enormous pressure. As the air is drawn out of the cells in the surface structure of the wood, glue is sucked into these cells.

Vacuupress machine is not limited uses only for veneering works, it is also can be used for laminating plywood dengan plywood, mdf dengan mdf and others.


Renew your old interior / furnitures with veneer ; make your atmosphere different. Refacing / Make up , will improve the value of your interior / furniture with minimum cost

Thank you