It Means Perfect Uniformity, Dependable And Consistent Results

Matching Techniques

The selected veneers have to be set first before gluing and pressing. There are number of basic ‘patterns’ common to veneering work : Book matched, Slip matched, pleasing matched and random matched. It can be set / develop depend on your design creativity.

The way you match veneer sheets can create visual rhythm and enhance your project. Contact us for more information.  

Here are some of the most common veneer matching approaches:

Book Matching

Alternating pieces of veneer are flipped over so they face each other as do the pages within a book. This creates a pleasing, symmetrical pattern

Slip Matching

Veneer slices are joined in sequence without flipping the pattern. If the grain is straight, the joints will not be obvious

Pleasing Match

Veneer is matched by color but not by grain pattern.

Random Match

Random matching is just what it sounds like. Usually done with lower grades of veneer, the leaves may be of varying width, colors and grains.


Vacuupress Machine and special pvac glue are used for the veneering work to avoid air molecules in between veneer and plywood is not removing well, veneer detach from plywood when solvent base finishing is applied.  It means perfect uniformity, dependable and consistent result are very important before finishing process. The principle of Vacuupress machine is simple. When the air molecules are removed from a closed vacuum bag, atmospheric  pressure bears down on the work inside the bag with perfect uniformity and enormous pressure. As the air is drawn out of the cells in the surface structure of the wood, glue is sucked into these cells. Vacuupress machine  is not limited uses only for veneering works, it is also can be used for laminating plywood vs plywood, mdf vs mdf, and other.

Vacubag Plastic Vacupress Machine and Plastic Bag Vacupress Machine and Plastic Bag Vacupress Machine